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POP-UP EXHIBITION #7 | Practical Museology Art Hive Project

This new POP-UP exhibition features the traces of the practical museology art hive project conducted in the fall of 2022 by 6 Bishop’s University students, as part of the Museums and Communities course. This participatory project aimed to gather community around a collaborative creative activity based on the facilitation and operating principles of an Art Hive.

TRACES OF THE RESEARCH | The Country, the Salt, the Milk, the Goats

Tracing the research and creation process underway during Bill Burns’ ArtLab residency (2022-23), this blog is nourished over time by traces of the artist’s studio work and stays in the region, his involvement with the communities and territories, as well as the exchanges with the project’s curators.


POP-UP EXHIBITION #6 | Weathered Souls and Fleeting Moments

Fine Arts student Gabrielle Gagné spent two weeks of summer 2022 exploring papermaking out of materials recycled or scavenged from the natural environment of the Atlantic coast. Lobster nets, cattails, seaweed, shells, cardboard boxes from nearby studios and discarded matted frames were all part of her experiments.

POP-UP EXHIBITION #4 | Adaptations

In a collaborative exercise combining arts and science, the creative speculative invertebrate zoology project Adaptations propels us forward 200 million years, to a time when all vertebrates have been eliminated from the planet and various lineages of aquatic invertebrates have moved onto land to occupy most of the terrestrial ecological niches.

VIRTUAL TOUR | Radiant Mountain

Navigate remotely Jean-Maxime Dufresne and Virginie Laganière‘s multifaceted installation on the complexity of alpine environments, a project curated by Gentiane Bélanger.


This POP-UP exhibition presents the traces of the creative processes of three participating student-artists of Mirage, the 24th Fine Arts Graduating Student’s Exhibition.


In the context of the exhibition Les yeux dans l’eau, curator Geneviève Wallen invites the artists as well as the members of the Foreman Art Gallery and the Sporobole art centre teams to collaborate in the elaboration of a soundtrack that can accompany a tour of the exhibition spaces. This auditory engagement tends to widen the universe built within the exhibition and underlines the infinite possibilities of the themes approached by offering a platform which intimately unites the public and the contributors.


This POP-UP exhibition traces a collection of photographs that artist Tosha Callaway‘s grandmother took in 1972-1974. A marriage of collage, painting, and woodworking, this series integrates both the crafts of her grandparents and her own beloved medium: painting.

VIRTUAL EXHIBITION | Mirage, the 24th Fine Arts Graduating Student’s Exhibition

Discover the work of the four Fine Arts graduating students who presented their final works as part of Mirage, the 24th Fine Arts Graduating Student’s Exhibition.

VIRTUAL TOUR | Les yeux dans l’eau

Discover remotely the exhibition Les yeux dans l’eau presented at the Foreman Art Gallery and at Sporobole art center.
Many thanks to Events.work for producing the virtual tours and to 0/1 – Hub numérique for hosting them on their website!


CURATORIAL PONDERINGS | Les yeux dans l’eau

In preparation for the exhibition Les yeux dans l’eau, scheduled for the winter 2022, independant curator Geneviève Wallen foregrounds her reflection process by means of a blog. Once a month a new post is shared, navigating between personal musings and theoretical thought. Their incremental addition draws the outlines of a curatorial discourse.


Explore the work of Leisure (Meredith Carruthers & Susannah Wesley) through this video presentation of the exhibition The Ceremony, including documentation images from the exhibition presented along with Gentiane Bélanger’s curatorial text recited by Gabrielle Flynn, our ArtLab Intern this year.


Discover Jose Luis Torres‘ public art installation The Clearing presented at Square Queen. With the participation of the artist, Gentiane Bélanger (Foreman Art Gallery) and Frédérique Renaud (Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke).

PRESENTATION | Intuition, the 23rd Fine Arts Graduating Student’s Exhibition

With the participation of the Foreman Art Gallery’s Director/Curator Gentiane Bélanger, student curator Amélia Poirier, graduating students Laura Dion and Francine Éthier, the Fine Arts Department Chair Dr James Benson, and the Fine Arts Department Technician Brenna Filion.

PRESENTATION | The Museum Visits a Therapist

Presented in the fall of 2021 at the Foreman Art Gallery, the exhibition Stories We Tell Ourselves questions how the history of the museum as a colonial tool for Western pedagogy influences the stories we tell. Our ArtLab invited Sameer Farooq and Mirjam Linschooten to introduce us to their work The Museum Visits a Therapist (2021).


Listen to art collective Leisure (Meredith Carruthers and Susannah Wesley) talk about their work in preparation to their exhibition The Ceremony, followed by a prize ceremony by Bishop’s University’s Fine Arts Department.

POP-UP EXHIBITION #1 | Second Sight

This first POP-UP exhibition presents a series of sketchbooks, each representing the creative process of an artist participating in Intuition, the 23rd Fine Arts Graduating Student’s Exhibition.

POP-UP EXHIBITION #2 | Cultures croisées 2020-21 : l’art, la terre, et les racines


This POP-UP exhibition presents traces of the creative process of a collective formed by students and a professor of Fine Arts from Bishop’s University, who undertook a residency with a local farm.

DIGITAL CONTENT | The Pigeon and the Puddle: A Controversial Song

Discover a variety of digital content produced in conjunction with the exhibition The Pigeon and the Puddle: A Controversial Song, by ZOT’Z* Collective: virtual environment and guided tours, presentation and workshop videos, young critics and artists.

VIRTUAL TOUR | Intuition, the 23rd Fine Arts Graduating Student’s Exhibition

Discover the work of Fine Arts graduating students presented as part of the Intuition exhibition, the 23rd Fine Arts Graduating Student’s Exhibition.

ARTLAB WORKSHOP | Artistic Break 2021 #1

Discover a free virtual programming of daily creative workshops for children ages 6 to 12, in replacement of the March Break Art Camp usually held at the ArtLab.



In connection with the Semaine Sherbrookoise des Rencontres Interculturelles (SSRI), the ArtLab presents a collective and interactive mobility mapping project which considers geo-cultural origins, diasporic experiences, patterns of displacement, virtual mapping and digital storytelling to reveal narratives of interconnectedness.

ARTLAB WORKSHOP | Lueur dans la nuit

With the special participation of local artist and BU Fine Arts Alumnus Jocelyne Rochon, this workshop demonstrates how to create homemade lanterns using tissue paper, rope and a balloon.

VIRTUAL TOUR | Fall Exhibitions

Discover the Foreman Art Gallery’s Fall 2020 exhibitions : Ellie Ga‘s Gyres, and other driftings, Camila Vásquez‘s Repenser la famille. De l’utopie aux nouvelles stratégies and Annie Briard‘s VIDEOTANK #22: LANDSCAPE, CUTOUT.

ARTLAB WORKSHOP | Hang in There!

With the special participation of BU Fine Arts Technician Brenna Filion, this workshop demonstrates how to create practical and aesthetically pleasing lanyards for your face mask, to leave around your neck or tie to your backpack.

ARTLAB WORKSHOP | Christmas Workshop

With the participation of the Foreman Art Gallery’s Curator of Education Noémie Fortin, the ArtLab’s Cultural Mediation Intern Lily Rousseau demonstrates how to create salt dough ornaments to hang in your Christmas tree.


Our 2020-21 ArtLab intern and BU Fine Arts student Lily Rousseau has put together our first online workshop: a short overhead video presenting simple lantern-making techniques.

The Foreman Art Gallery’s Community Art Lab (ArtLab) positions itself on the cutting edge between art, education, and community development with the goal of exploring how these worlds collide and interact with one another.

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