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Camila Vásquez



Gentiane Bélanger


Repenser la famille. De l’utopie aux nouvelles strategies presents the results of the ArtLab residency held between October 2019 and August 2020. Artist Camila Vásquez took the opportunity of this residency to initiate a socio-artistic laboratory focused on exploring the model of the nuclear family in its current state of transformation, under the pressure of shifting socio-economic conditions. Using self-ethnographic tools to research utopian values, practical failures and adaptive strategies lived by families nowadays, this project takes root in the singular context of Waterville, in the Eastern Townships.

This project rests on the long-term involvement of eight local families, who met throughout the past year in the context of multidisciplinary workshops, get-togethers and performance art seances. Interrupted in its original form by the pandemic, the project was brought to migrate towards a digital platform. From September to December 2020, the project unfolds online and ramifies into an accretion of digital artworks. Once completed, the resulting online art project is to remain accessible in the form of an archive. The administrative traces of the project are assembled and exhibited at the Foreman Art Gallery, thus positioning the pragmatic underpinnings of the project in flagrant contrast to a self-referential photographic series created in citational relation to Sally Mann’s intimist work.


This project was developed in partnership with Waterville’s Community Center, and with the collaboration of 0/1 Hub numérique de l’Estrie.

Originally from Chili, Camila Vásquez is an artist living and working in a rural context, in the Eastern-Townships of Quebec, with her husband and her three kids. Her multidisciplinary practice integrates participative art, drawing, writing, performance, photography, and installation in long-term, place-specific research projects centered on process. When investing a given territory, Vásquez seeks to reveal what is already there, in its material, intangible, affective condition. Her work was presented in Chili, Spain, Argentina, and Quebec. She is currently looking into the social role of artists in their community, especially in the rural context, in view of instigating social change on a local scale.

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