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To book a guided tour or visit the Gallery, please contact us in advance to ensure we are able to welcome you and inform you of all the associated costs.

Our team is pleased to offer unique guided tours for each of the exhibitions presented at the Foreman Art Gallery. Each tour is created specifically to meet the needs and interests of your group. Tours are offered in French or in English. To complement and enhance your visit, tours can be combined with a creative workshop inspired by the exhibition on display.


Why book a guided tour? 

Our guided tours facilitate a unique experience that fosters deepened dialogue, critical questioning as well as offering diverse perspectives on art and related contemporary issues. We believe that the art presented in the exhibitions at the Gallery are but a starting point for a discussion on issues that matter to us all.


What are the tours like?

Our approach is one that focuses on creating a dynamic experience with works of art through dialogue and unique social exercises. We strongly believe in starting with the visitor’s prior knowledge in order to facilitate an intimate experience. We focus on interaction and dialogue with the public while exploring the diverse interdisciplinary themes from each exhibition which relate to our context.

Each guided tour is created specifically for the visiting group, be it an academic level class at Bishop’s University, a community group, families, or a visiting primary or secondary school. It is therefore important for us to know a little bit about you and your group before your arrival in order to design a guided tour to meet your needs and interests.


Academic Tours

Over the last several years, the Gallery has offered curriculum specific guided tours to University, Cegep, primary, and secondary level groups. These guided tours target specific curriculum goals for your class and focus on interdisciplinary ways of learning. We strongly advocate the importance of multi-disciplinary experiences that reach beyond isolating the visual arts from other curriculum goals.

To learn more about the topics covered in our programming each year, be sure to check out our current and upcoming programming.

Primary and secondary level visits are created and informed by Quebec’s Ministry of Education curriculum standards. Students learn to analyze the artwork on display through a guided discussion led by the Gallery Educator who provides contextual information while encouraging personal interpretation, dialogue and interaction. To learn more about our primary and secondary programs, please check out the School Programmes section of our website.

We have collaborated in the past with the following BU departments: Geography, Science, History, Philosophy, Environmental Studies, Education, Economics, Humanities, Sociology, Liberal Arts, English as a second language, Arts Administration and Visual Arts departments.

We welcome all ages to come and experience the exhibitions at the Gallery.

2600 College St.

Sherbrooke (Québec)
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The Foreman Art Gallery is located on the Bishop’s University Campus, right beside Centennial Theatre. See Bishop’s University Directions & Maps page for more details.



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