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The ArtLab’s POP-UP exhibition series presents the traces of research and creative projects carried out by Bishop’s University’s student body and faculty, as well as by other groups and members of the Sherbrooke community. Following the principles of community-based museology and micromuseology, these ephemeral art events are often collective, participatory and of an experimental nature.

Scroll down to view a virtual translation of the exhibitions part of the POP-UP series, initially displayed in the hallway vitrines of the Foreman Art Gallery.

POP-UP EXHIBITION #4 | Adaptations


April 28 to July 9, 2022


Heavyn-Leigh Martin
Tanya O’Reilly
Daphné Courtès
Hannah McCarthy
Thomas Melnyk
Fine Arts Student: Marilyn Leduc


Emma Wright
Kelsie Morris
Leo Chadwick
Josh Norby
Fine Arts Student: Isadora Alcindor

Felix Flax
Jessalynn Hill
Kéliane Nadeau
Anne-Marie Viens-Larin
Fine Arts Student: Marie-Pierre Ranger


Gabrielle Bourbeau
Justin Henry
Stephanie Leclerc
Kaesha Maheu-Raymond
Fine Arts Student: Océane Dessurault-Opalewski


Claudia Munafo
Elizabeth Leger
Leah Chaulk
Tricia Del Campo
Jared Sparr
Fine Arts Student: Madj Shammas

In a collaborative exercise combining arts and science, the creative speculative invertebrate zoology project Adaptations propels us forward 200 million years, to a time when all vertebrates have been eliminated from the planet and various lineages of aquatic invertebrates have moved onto land to occupy most of the terrestrial ecological niches. Using a current group of aquatic invertebrates as a starting point, teams of biology students were asked to imagine the anatomical, physiological and behavioral adaptations that would allow their descendants to face the main challenges of life on Earth such as gravity, gas exchange, reproduction, food acquisition, temperature regulation, etc.
For their part, five Fine Arts students had to create visual supports to support the description of the different adaptations created for each new species. They were free to create whatever they thought was appropriate to represent the creature assigned to their team.
Isadora Alcindor-Limoges, ArtLab’s Cultural Mediation Intern



April 6 to 16, 2022


Tosha Callaway, Majd Shammas, Maïthé Cyr-Morin

A mirage, a gap between two realities.

An idea, an illusion.

Bringing together the work of four Fine Arts graduating students, the exhibition Mirage explores this notion of discrepancy between the artist’s perception and that of the viewer. The POP-UP exhibition presented in the vitrines invites us to explore traces of the creative process of three of the artists exhibited in the Fore-man Art Gallery, to learn more about their vision and try to dispel the mirage.


Isadora Alcindor-Limoges, ArtLab Cultural Mediation Intern


POP-UP EXHIBITION #2 | Cultures croisées 2020-21 : l’art, la terre, et les racines


September 9 to October 9, 2021


Chantal Lafond, Faustine Gruninger and Marie-Pier Ranger (students in Fine Arts), and Regine Neumann (professor in Fine Arts) 

L’art, la terre et les racines is an artistic residency project initiated by the Maison des Arts St-Laurent in Compton. The project aims to initiate a dialogue between four artists, established or immigrants from the region, and four agricultural producers from the Coaticook region who have welcomed them on their farm for a year.
This POP-UP exhibition presents traces of the creative process of a collective formed by students and a professor of Fine Arts from Bishop’s University, who undertook a residency with the Ferme les Broussailles, located in Martinville. The works created during this residency are grouped in an exhibition presented at the Maison des Arts St-Laurent from September 24 to October 11, 2021.

POP-UP EXHIBITION #1 | Second Sight


March 31 to April 17, 2021


Allister Aitken, Steve Breton, Lara Dion, Francine Ethier, Nicholas Gibbs, Chantal Lafond, Lily Rousseau

This first POP-UP exhibition presents a series of sketchbooks, each representing the creative process of an artist participating in this year’s Fine Arts Graduating Student’s Exhibition. These pages bring you into the artists thoughts in imagery and calculations, moving from ideas and concepts to finally arrive to the results displayed in the exhibition Intuition.

Their own intuitions were tested on paper through experimentations and thoughtful creations. Observe how they followed their gut feelings and developped their conscious thoughts in the process of making the artworks presented inside the gallery.


Lily Rousseau, ArtLab Cultural Mediation Intern