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Landscape, Cutout

October 1st, 2020 – March 20, 2021


Annie Briard


Landscape, Cutout (2015) emphasizes the constructedness of reality or the world surrounding us, and vision’s sometimes problematic role within this construction. In this particular work, a still image is crudely cut up to form arbitrary divisions in our view of the landscape. Using the screen’s light to brighten individual cutouts at varying intervals, the landscape can be seen to subtly change in perspective. As the moving image transforms slowly over time, only memory can reveal its lack of fixity and ever going shift.


Annie Briard is a Canadian visual art and media artist whose work challenges how we make sense of the world through visual perception. Creating lens-based and light-focused works, she explores the intersections between perception paradigms in psychology, neuroscience and existentialism.

Her moving images, media installations, expanded and print photography works have been presented in numerous solo exhibitions, including “Second Sight” at AC Institute (New York, 2019), “Paracosmic Sun” at Monica Reyes Gallery (Vancouver, 2017), “Sight Shifting” at Joyce Yahouda Gallery (Montréal, 2014), as well as group shows, festivals and fairs internationally, including at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Art Mûr (Montréal), Three Shadows Photography Centre (Beijing), the Lincoln Film Centre New York, Matadero Madrid, the Switzerland Architecture Museum, among many others. Recently, she presented large-scale public art projects for a number of commissions in Canada. Sourcing inspiration from the affectation of new and/or altered sights, she regularly undertakes art residencies, which have included working in New York, Los Angeles, Spain, Iceland, as well as long-haul hikes across the North American back country. Annie Briard’s work is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the British Columbia Arts Council.

Briard holds a BFA from Concordia University and an MFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, where she currently teaches. In conjunction with her practice, she occasionally curates exhibitions and public programs in relation to her research interests.