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Fine Arts Grad Show 2022


The Bishop’s University Fine Arts Graduating Students’ Exhibition presents a series of disparate works that reflect the students’ respective journeys through their undergraduate program.

 April 6 – April 16, 2022

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Acrylic on canvas, detail

Tosha Callaway

Originally from Stanstead, a small town bordering Vermont, Tosha Callaway will soon be graduating with a degree in Fine Arts and English, with concentrations in Studio courses and Literature, respectively.

Tosha decided to culminate the very last semester of her degree with an artist residency associated with the Foreman Art Gallery’s Community Art Lab (ArtLab).

Her preferred mediums are acrylic painting and drawing. She enjoys layering, glazing, and blurring paint, while her practice addresses concepts such as nostalgia, intertextuality, and transience.

She dreams of a threefold career as a professional artist, curator, and professor.

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Ink on paper, detail

Maïthé Cyr-Morin

In her fourth and final year studying Fine Arts with a concentration in Studio courses, Maïthé Cyr-Morin uses autofiction to explore themes such as the visible, the invisible, the imaginary, and truth.

Her practice in printmaking, textile art and bookmaking has led to her receiving the Wanda Rozynska Scholarship & Rozynski Opportunity Fund, an award granted to a deserving Fine Arts student.

Maïthé comes from the traditional and unceded territory of the Abenaki people and aspires to be a museum art educator.

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Mixed media on wood, detail

Emma Huebchen

Born in Comox, on Vancouver Island (BC), Emma Huebchen will soon be completing her five-year degree in Secondary Education, with a focus on Fine Arts. Upon graduation, she plans to become a part-time high school art teacher while nurturing her personal art practice by creating and selling artworks on the side.

Emma’s artistic practice revolves around the human body and its distortions. She plays with complementary color palettes and explores her own and others’ emotions and experiences, using acrylic markers and watercolors on paper, or acrylic on canvas.

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Acrylic on canvas, detail

Majd Shammas

Uprooted by the ongoing war in Syria, Majd Shammas arrived in Québec in 2015, and he is currently undertaking his second year in Fine Arts with a concentration in Studio courses, here at Bishop’s.

He uses ink, charcoal, acrylics, and pastels soaked in oil as mediums to explore concepts that inspire him, such as hallucinations and tense realities, existential reflections and uncertainties.

Majd’s practice and work stand out: he recently was awarded the Florence May Foreman Scholarship, and the Peggy and David Savage Memorial Scholarship.

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