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Fine Arts Grad Show | 2015

March 24 – April 4, 2015

Student Artists

Marta-Marina Alvarez-Barkham, Natalia Apic, Maxime Beaulac, Amelie Duval, Lindsay Goff, Katherine Lamarche, Mary Anne Mackness, Yolanda Weeks


Student Curator

Karine Di Genova 


The exhibition showcases the artistic endeavours of students about to turn the page on their studies at Bishop’s University and write the next chapter of their lives.


This year’s Grad Art Show, The Epilogue & La Préface, highlights each of our unique artistic processes while also demonstrating our collective progression as students. Our pieces are meant to explore the transformative journeys we have undergone since arriving at Bishop’s. We have made it to the end of our journey, our final chapter, and the question that remains to be answered: now what? What will happen in the preface of each of our next stories?

The Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop’s University is grateful for the financial assistance provided by Student Representative Council, the Vice-Principal Academic, the Dean of Student Affairs and the Department of Fine Arts, as well as its sponsor, the McAuslan Brewery.