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Fine Arts Grad Show | 2017

March 21 – April 1, 2017

Student Artists

Alyson Drouin, Brenna Bird, Casey Fulton, Brenna Gilbert, Natchasiri K. (Froy Choi), Amy Laroche, Emily Madinsky, Dale Miner, Rosalie Tellier, Sonia Thibault


Student Curator

Noémie Fortin 


Symbiosis of the French term “processus” (defined as the series of operations or actions taken to achieve a particular result, especially in manufacture) and the compound formed from its English equivalent process + us, denoting a group.

The 19th Bishop’s University Fine Arts Graduating Students Exhibition presents diverse works that testify to the uniqueness of each creative approach among these students who are on the brink of earning their degree. PROCESS·US connects the dots, confronts the ideas and launches a dialogue between them in the Foreman Art Gallery.

Distinct practices merge in a heterogenous mix of painting, sculpture, printmaking, installation, projection and mixed media. Each of the ten participating artists addresses the question of “process” from their own standpoint: the process informing the work now displayed in the gallery, and that which drove the past four years of studio practice during their quest to emerge as artists. To this reflection is added the will for a common, unifying theme: the community. Here, the artists decided to focus on the individual by observing his or her place in the collective.

Press Coverage
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