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20th Bishop’s University Fine Arts Graduating Students Exhibition 

March 28 – April 7, 2018



Julien Benoit Simard, Kevin-John Chaplin, Mara Liz Marchizotti, Louise Vallières, Chad Vaudry

Opening reception

March 28, 2018, from 5 to 7 p.m. 

Student Curator

Rosalie Tellier


On the occasion of the 20th Bishop’s University Fine Arts Graduating Students Exhibition, graduates present a series of disparate works that reflect their respective journey through their undergraduate program. 

Individual singularities come into action, mingling to collectively form a motif/motive in the gallery space. In their own way, the five participants explore the question of motif as creative energy and as a decorative form. The exhibition connects, confronts and puts into dialogue creative perspectives, giving form to a motif at once individual and collective.