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Summer 2020

*Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


José Luis Torres



Gentiane Bélanger


As part of our exhibition series New Publics dedicated to youth, Construction proposes an immersive installation designed to stimulate interest in contemporary art. This exhibition takes the form of a viral, wacky and profuse architecture, built from furniture left aside following the renovation of Bishop’s University’s Learning Commons, and from the leftover stocks of social economy center Estrie Aide. Renowned for reframing museum spaces as teeming architectures that are fun to wander, participate and lose oneself in, artist José Luis Torres takes this site-specific project as an opportunity to revisit the material backstage of our communities, namely Bishop’s University and the City of Sherbrooke. By doing so, Torres hopes to renew our perception of the material culture standing at the core of our everyday lives.

Based on a collaboration with the Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts, Construction echoes an ongoing project by Torres that will open at the museum on throughout the summer 2020.


Born in Argentina, José Luis Torres lives and works in Quebec since 2003. He holds a BFA, an MFA in sculpture, as well as an educational background in architecture. His work has been showcased in multiple solo and group exhibitions, as well as in the context of public arts interventions and art residenciesthroughout Canada, Argentina, the United-States, Mexico, and Europe.