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Fine Arts Grad Show 2024


The Bishop’s University Fine Arts Graduating Students’ Exhibition presents a series of disparate works that reflect the students’ respective journeys through their undergraduate program.

 April 3 – April 13, 2024

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Acrylic on canvas, detail

Gabrielle Gagné


Gabrielle Gagné received the Haystack Opportunity Fund for 2021-2022 and they will soon complete their Fine Arts degree with Honors.

Passionate about fiber art installation, paper making and book binding; their works are inspired by the testimony of human passage in the environment, home and relation to space, and trauma memory.

They look forward to being a professional artist and to teaching at the university level. Life is long, and they hope to open an artist center with workshops.

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Ink on paper, detail

Alexis Nova


Born and raised in Mexico City, Alexis Nova is in the last year of their Fine Arts degree.

Alexis finds inspiration in vibrant colors, surreal mindscapes, discovering beauty in the mundane and the liminal. Their preferred medium is painting, especially acrylic on canvas with a focus on brushstroke, texture, movement and on-canvas mixing.

A natural storyteller, they dream of becoming an author and painter.

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Mixed media on wood, detail

Camille Hétu


From Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec; Camille Hétu’s main inspiration is Nature. She is influenced by small objects from her surroundings and enjoys creating works that explore human emotions and our ability to be moved by things, to be amazed, and to wonder.

In her final year studying Fine Arts with honors in Studio Art, she is particularly fond of artist’s books, and loves to embroidery, draw with colored pencils and paint with watercolor.

Receptive to what life has to offer, Camille is in a stage where she values the unknown of what awaits her. She loves being surprised by where she ends up and what calls her in the moment.

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Mixed media on wood, detail

Marie Constance Hountondji


Born and raised in Mali (West Africa), Marie Constance has won the Rozinsky scholarship and is completing her degree in Fine Arts.

Her paintings and sculptures are inspired by fabrics, colors, Surrealism and Expressionism. In her practice, she is drawn to themes of world evolution, the supernatural and the diversity of ethnic beliefs.

After her degree, she plans to work as an artistic director.

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Acrylic on canvas, detail

Christian Jimenez


In his final year of a Fine Arts bachelor, Christian Jimenez was born in Colombia, where he lived until he was 11 years old, then moved to the USA and now resides in Canada.

His artwork addresses current life events, music, history and sports. And his favorite means of expression are drawing, painting and tattooing.

Christian aspires to earn a living by selling paintings and drawings, while working as a tattoo artist.

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Acrylic on canvas, detail

Annika Morin


Originally from Austin in Quebec, Annika Morin is completing her degree in Arts Administration and Fine Arts with a concentration in Studio.

Inspired by nature, the body and vivid colors, Annika expresses herself with graphic artwork and is discovering new ways of spicing it up. Her favored mediums are acrylic painting and drawing with either graphite pencils or charcoal.

Upon graduation, she hopes to work in an arts museum either as a curator or as an artistic director.

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Acrylic on canvas, detail

Marie-Pierre Ranger


Coming from Quebec, Marie-Pierre Ranger has Danish, French and native American roots. She is 48 years old, lives in Magog with her three teenagers, and is about to complete her degree in Fine Arts.

Marie-Pierre is moved by beauty, the environment and the impermanence of materials, especially fiber. Open to new discoveries, and to see where the process will lead her, she is passionate about molding and sculpting with fiber.

Her dream career is to become a sculptor with the mission of creating spaces for artists to practice. She questions the status quo and considers how a career in arts could be as important as in business.

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Acrylic on canvas, detail

Bashar Shammas


An ardent painter, Bashar Shammas left Syria in pursuit of better opportunities in Canada, where he is now completing his Fine Arts degree.

Bashar is always open to experimentation with all mediums and techniques while reflecting about the human condition and drawing inspiration from architecture that is not profound, and all kinds of sketches and drawings.

After graduating he envisions a career as a professional painter.