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Fine Arts GradShow Fundraiser

The Bishop’s University Fine Arts Graduating Student’s Exhibition presents a series of disparate works that reflect the students’ respective journey through their undergraduate program.

Graduating Students


Frankie (Francine Ethier) is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with honours at Bishop’s University. She has received scholarships from O.H. De Sevigne Scholarship in the Creative and Performing Arts for excellence and was selected as a member of Bishop’s Honours Society for 2019–2020.

Her body of work consists of 2D and 3D works in various materials and have been selected for group exhibitions in the following galleries: Art Mur in Montreal in summer 2020; Le Tremplin in Lennoxville; Ye Olde Blacksmith in Stanstead Quebec in 2019; and mp trésart Gallery in South-Durham, Quebec in 2018. She has also participated in many exhibitions in the Montreal region. Through her sculptures and fiber art, she tells stories of entanglement between body and mind. 



Lily Rousseau is a fourth year Fine Arts Major and Art History Honors student at BU. Having lived in France and the United States, she has had to adapt to different cultures and face new challenges, which she explores in some of her work.

Through her studies in History, she is often influenced by traditional painting techniques and traditional subject matter. She intends to pursue a certificate in art restoration and a master’s in Art History in Italy next year. 


Originally from Cornwall, Ontario, Allister Aitken came to Bishop’s with a passion to pursue a double bachelor’s in Secondary Education and Fine Arts along with a minor in teaching French as a second language.

Although employing several mediums during his studies, he particularly enjoys using acrylic and watercolour paints and uses landscapes or popular culture as main sources of inspiration for his works. Not only will his graduation piece bring together both of these themes, but will also celebrate a milestone in his career as an artist. 


Sometimes you see a person that stands out from everyone else for some reason. They’re so striking that you’re compelled to recreate them, at least Chantal Lafond is.  

Inspired by people in her life and by her favorite TV characters, Chantal creates figurative art that investigates beauty and individuality. Recently, she has been focusing on women in particular, and how they’re perceived by society. Her favorite mediums to work with are painting and drawing, although lately she has been investigating embroidery and textile art, which are often seen as a “women’s craft”. 


YvY (Steve Breton), is a multidisciplinary artist, studying Fine Arts with a studio concentration at Bishops University. He lives and creates in Sherbrooke, Québec Canada. His work includes custom-made loudspeakers, sculptures, drawings, paintings, photographs, graphics, electronic music and poetry.

Steve’s works have been exhibited since 2000 in Quebec, Montreal, Ontario, on the Web, at the University of Sherbrooke, Ye Old Blacksmith (Stanstead 2019) and at his current university’s Open House exhibitions.


 Lara Dion is a student-artist currently completing her bachelor’s degree at Bishop’s University with an honours in Fine Arts and a major in Art history. She aspires to move forward with her studies in order to complete her master’s degree in Fine Arts, specifically painting and drawing.

Her passion for the arts is deeply rooted in the need to understand and visualize the world around her. Drawing inspiration from the urban space, her paintings examine the construction and representation of identity. Her large scale works interact with a number of different mediums, creating dynamic and textured compositions.


Nicholas  Gibbs is currently a Fourth Year Bishop’s University Student in the Fine Arts and Education Program, minoring in Art History. An adventurous person, Nicolas enjoys traveling to places like Maine, USA, across the Leeds and the Grenville area. He takes pictures wherever he travels.  

As an artist, he practices drawing, sculpting, and painting using his personal photographs as a reference. His favorite subjects are people and natural landscapes He looks forward to taking part in the 2021 Foreman Art Gallery Art Show. Upon graduation, He plans on becoming an art teacher, where he intends to share his passion for art, the creative process and how to properly succeed in the topic of art. 

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